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You Can Grow That–beauty even in the rain

Even while getting caught in a downpour, there is beauty.  Raindrops on lovely Lady’s Mantle, coupled with a nepeta.  And you can grow that, too!!

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Artistic, structural screening—You Can Grow That

I knew I would need to remove–eventually–a large evergreen that would clearly become too large in my front yard.  It had been a useful screening plant for many years.  Once it was down, I had to decide what to put in its’ … Continue reading

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Wow–You can Grow That–learning about neat stuff!

While working in a new client’s garden today, I came across a very unusual plant.  I believe it is from a bulb.  The prior owner of this property was a plant enthusiast.  The new owners appreciate their gardens—but–well—you know–it is … Continue reading

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This charming sedum is a keeper!

This charming sedum was planted last year—and not only survived our last winter but is flourishing.  I managed to find the tag: Sedum ‘Cape Blanco’. You can see the lovely bluish-grey tints but there’s some rosy pink highlights.  Now that … Continue reading

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Craving brightness on this grey day—

While shopping this afternoon, trying to best use my time for my business—-because I couldn’t bear to spread bags of compost on this raw, cloudy day—I came across these lovelies.  Just enough bang for the buck and worth a chance.  … Continue reading

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