Wow–You can Grow That–learning about neat stuff!

While working in a new client’s garden today, I came across a very unusual plant.  I believe it is from a bulb.  The prior owner of this property was a plant enthusiast.  The new owners appreciate their gardens—but–well—you know–it is just not their “thing”. (For this, I am thankful!!  I get a lot of work that way!)


Grey foliage with nodding bells—almost dark maroon—-about 18 inches tall..

Here’s the point.  They might not care too much.  But I get a thrill when I run across plants like this.  Then I go home and look things up and read and research—and it is all such neat stuff.  I haven’t even figured out what this is yet!  But I’ll tell you—You Can Grow That!–neat stuff.  Try something new if only to entertain me.

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