Gardeners take chances–and I took a chance on this beauty.

While shopping, if I happen upon something quite striking or unusual for the garden, I often buy it.  I may not know where it will end up being planted.  But I know that good plants don’t go unnoticed, so buy them when you can, right?

So I scooped up the entire group, maybe 2 dozen plants, which costs quite a bit.  But I then used them, mostly, in one client’s gardens–both at their home and at their place of business.

And kept a few to try for myself.  The ones in the ground didn’t look like they were performing that well.  And being petunias, these were not labeled as “self-cleaning” and were looking pretty unsightly. But lo and behold, after settling in and given a chance, they were worth the chance. And even more attractive used in a pot.

This is a Ball Flora Plant: Cha-ching Cherry.  As I was moving around with this plant in hand—another customer said she had seen this newcomer in a floral magazine article.  So–what do you think?  Wasn’t this worth the chance?0703140906YCGT

One chance at a time!  Happy Fourth of July!!




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