You Can Grow That–Mid-summer Blue! The power horse Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’

confidence in Blue

blue horizon 1

A large tree was removed and I suggested a birdbath as a focus. The patriotic red, white and blue made great use of Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’.

blue horizon

Another opportunity to make use of this workhorse plant.

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You Can Grow That—Embracing Red in the garden!

RED is a BOLD!  I have little experience with this LIVELY color.  But now is the time to


Red2 Red1YCGT

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Whatever the zone, a gardener is always looking at plants!

ycgt_blog_post_graphicWhile away from the white landscape of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and enjoying the greenery and warmth of central Florida, I am a gardener, always growing my knowledge.

Amazingly to me, the front desk at the hotel could not immediately answer my question about the trees lining the walkways.  I was surprised that they were bare!  For some reason I thought that only occurred up North.  Turns out that they are Crape Myrtles and are bare here from January through April.  What a display they must be for the tourists arriving when they are in full bloom.  But even now their bark provides interest. 0306151222

Smelling the petunias as I pass a display similar to what I will see this summer on Cape Cod, I can smile in anticipation of my season.  0306151220a

And then there are the dramatic palms!  I watched as the landscape workers replaced one in a day!! Its fronds are still tied up and I am surmising that this gives the tree a chance to settle in before it is affected by winds.  (Can you imagine if it toppled into the pool?)0306151220b

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Beautiful begonias for winter joy! YCGT Jan 2015


 YCGT Jan 2015

I had hoped to find three with similar coloring—but two will do!

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With a little patience, You Can Grow That

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Being one to take advantage of nature’s opportunities, I especially like it when I find self-seeded treasures.  Just under this beautiful coral bark maple, about ten years ago, I discovered a “baby”, and after getting the homeowner’s “ok” with my … Continue reading

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How I moved a shrub just now

I have been working down my list of desires and to-dos.  Today, I didn’t join the throngs of merry-makers at various events.  And I got quite a bit done.

I had planted a Rhamnus ‘Fineline’ a few years ago.  Seeing over time that it just didn’t belong there, but not quite sure where it DID belong, it happily continued to thrive and grow.  It is a deciduous shrub so I knew I was safe in moving it now-late October.  And it was time.

You can see by these pictures what I mean.

1025141638number 1

And I decided to move it here.number 3

So I dug a decent-size hole pretty much where I thought it should go, but planned on adjusting the placement once I got the shrub in place.  I had that option because it was not that big nor that heavy to lift.

Digging out the Rhamnus wasn’t so simple.  Its roots had intertwined  with perennials and it was very close to the house.  After carefully pulling out the perennials as best I could, I had some room to move and start digging.  I hadn’t bothered to get a long spade but had two shovels.  And by digging in with one and then turning the other upside down below it I had some nice leverage.  Way to go, Pamela!  I don’t have the weight nor the muscle of the guys so tricks are important.number 5    Eventually I got it all dug up and was able to carry it over to its new spot.  It will sit there tonight and I’ll finish tomorrow.number 6 

Once I have that taken care of, I can move on to the next project. number 7 See how much better it looks?

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Plant a splash of color today!

This Heather’s bright color was just the right splash for this dullish area.  Calluna vulgaris.  There were only two available for sale so I couldn’t plant a “group”. But these will get to be 28 inches tall and wide at maturity so it is a substantial plant on its own.

I will plant the other in the next bed nearby, so they’ll be somewhat symmetrical.  But see the difference this makes?  And this is only a $5 investment!!  So Plant a splash of color today,  because  ” You Can Grow That”!!!!YCGT

1004141223 1004141224

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