Whatever the zone, a gardener is always looking at plants!

ycgt_blog_post_graphicWhile away from the white landscape of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and enjoying the greenery and warmth of central Florida, I am a gardener, always growing my knowledge.

Amazingly to me, the front desk at the hotel could not immediately answer my question about the trees lining the walkways.  I was surprised that they were bare!  For some reason I thought that only occurred up North.  Turns out that they are Crape Myrtles and are bare here from January through April.  What a display they must be for the tourists arriving when they are in full bloom.  But even now their bark provides interest. 0306151222

Smelling the petunias as I pass a display similar to what I will see this summer on Cape Cod, I can smile in anticipation of my season.  0306151220a

And then there are the dramatic palms!  I watched as the landscape workers replaced one in a day!! Its fronds are still tied up and I am surmising that this gives the tree a chance to settle in before it is affected by winds.  (Can you imagine if it toppled into the pool?)0306151220b

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