Artistic, structural screening—You Can Grow That

I knew I would need to remove–eventually–a large evergreen that would clearly become too large in my front yard.  It had been a useful screening plant for many years.  Once it was down, I had to decide what to put in its’ place—–

It’s not easy to make these decisions.  For me one of the hardest elements is envisioning what the plants will become. ( Most of us don’t buy fully mature trees and shrubs;  cost and availability are factors.)

I thought and thought.  I had been intrigued by one plant at a nursery.  And it surely was not going to be large quickly. Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’.  It had such structure and very dark green leaves.  I then happened upon an entire hedge of them, left natural, not sheared, and I was even more impressed.

So–I decided.  I planted a grouping of three plants, one taller holly with two of my new pals on its side.  They only stand 4 feet tall, but they are so impressive that though they do not–yet—perform quite as a screen—they catch my eye.  And that is almost as useful.  And in my mind’s eye, I see them mature, at six feet or so.

You Can Grow That—–artistic landscaping with structural plants.  And having an eye for the future!Green Spire







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