You Can Grow That—–A new perspective and saving a tree

This large holly had been pruned into a tight mass over years of shearing.  My client wanted my opinion on removing it. 

I asked her if she’d let me  “open it up”, reveal the truck and also give her a view from her kitchen window!  She’d still have the privacy and we could save the tree.

It was interesting and challenging, especially getting up inside the tree. And then I was able to approach from the top because of the flat roof.  To accomplish this style of pruning, I find it critical to regularly step back and look at the tree from all angles, as it could be pretty easy to mistakenly lop off the wrong branch and end up with a gaping, bare spot. (Like making other decisions in life, which cannot be undone.)

I was thrilled that she was happy with the results.  And I love that she allowed me to do this for her—and for the tree.   ycgt_blog_post_graphic

0430131102 0430131402 0430131402aOne before picture, two after.

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