That beeping noise bothering you?

While inside a new client’s home this week, I noticed that telltale “beeping” noise that usually is a result of battery failure in an alarm.  So I asked her about it.  Had she checked out that nearby ceiling smoke alarm in the foyer?  It had been checked and actually was hard-wired.  I thought maybe there was a battery backup.  She said no. 

I took a few minutes to listen, allowing for echo effects.  She had been prepared to call in the electrician to resolve the problem.  So she didn’t mind a little help from me.

Crouching by a sidetable, looking underneath, seeing nothing, I asked her to open the drawer.  Inside was a carbon monoxide detector mechanism.  The culprit was found!  Her niece had been searching for that sound all winter while housesitting.  Batteries removed, beeping thwarted. 

I think she was a little impressed with my persistence and solving her issue.  While probably saving her a nice chunk of change, I think I brought a little more peace to her day.  And that’s what I like to do.

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