The front garden as it grows

Having stripped the front porch off my house, I was then given the wonderful opportunity to create a new front garden.  First I decided on and laid out  a fieldstone walk.  And then I was challenged by the reality that much of the garden, against the north side of my property, would have to be planted as a “shade” garden,  Ughh!  And the other side of the walk is full sun.

  I began with the bones or larger elements.  But in the process, knowing I also needed smaller edging plants, I found Acaena saccaticupula, or New Zealand Bur ‘Blue Haze’. A lovely blue-gray charmer, supposedly evergreen, with pinnate leaves.  (I don’t know what “pinnate” means, but the leaves are petite, sharply edged, very interesting.  I’ll look it up.) And the tag said Sun to Part Shade!   I planted three along the walk several weeks ago and today I bought more because they just go so beautifully with the blue-gray in the stones.  And I placed them along the part-shade side.  Now we’ll see how they hold up.  I’ll let you know my progress!

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