You Can Grow That!

Y C G T July 4, 2012

The subject is adaptability. To the degree that we choose to adapt might make a huge difference in our feelings and responses about so many things in life. Especially in our gardens and on our properties. And with that adapting we might find some peace.

So, I have a smallish piece of land. And like many people I choose to hang out in the backyard area. I don’t as yet have a veggie garden space. And I live alone so I figure how much can I eat? This year I decided to try growing some tomatoes, squash, eggplant, beans and such but I put them in BIG black pots; you know the ones I mean. Not too attractive but servicable. And I already had some bamboo stakes so I threw them in with the tomatoes for support.

Well, the best sun in the backyard meant I always had to LOOK at these things. And somehow it didn’t add to my “peace”. Here’s where the adapting comes in. There’s a very nice spot in the Front yard–facing the street–along the driveway—-and I would only see them there on a regular basis when I drove in. Or out. So that’s where all those pots have been moved to. And eventually,I will have a real veggie plot in just that spot. In the front yard, alongside the lovely flower gardens!

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