Expressing oneself through song

One of the things I like to do in life is sing. So I am a singer, in a choir. It took a long time but now I’m pretty comfortable with that; if I pay close attention, get really confident with the music, and remember to breath.

But a dream of mine is to sing solo. Who knows why? It’s a goal. So I am “growing” confidence in myself as a soloist. It is very, very challenging, almost traumatic, to stand up, alone, and use my voice in a controlled manner—and have it actually be a pleasure to hear!

My friend, Donna, is a fellow singer, but one with a lot of training, and consequently, more confidence. She knows my plight. I have asked her to help me by performing a duet. And she has agreed! Well, that’s great. We sound quite nice together. We’ll sing “Mary, Did You Know” one Sunday this month.

BUT, there’s another opportunity coming up and she has not only offered to accompany me on the piano, she suggested the music. I will get to be the soloist. Her being there with me means so much.

Well, for some reason, as a melancholy teenager, I became enamored of Billie Holiday—and would love to perform songs like “Good Morning, Heartache”. Plus, it is just great music. But Donna has reminded me that so many great female vocalists sing rather sad songs. Blues. Not very uplifting. And the words we sing, the tone of the song, affects us and the people who hear it.

So I’m going to sing “What A Wonderful World”. It’s perfect. Simple. Uplifting. And words that remind us just how lucky we have it—-blue skies, white clouds—you know.

I am so grateful to Donna. I’m like the newly-planted sapling. And she’s the compost helping me grow my roots into the confident singer I want to be.

Happy Holidays!

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