You Can Grow That–beauty even in the rain

Even while getting caught in a downpour, there is beauty.  Raindrops on lovely Lady’s Mantle, coupled with a nepeta.  And you can grow that, too!!


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Artistic, structural screening—You Can Grow That

I knew I would need to remove–eventually–a large evergreen that would clearly become too large in my front yard.  It had been a useful screening plant for many years.  Once it was down, I had to decide what to put in its’ place—–

It’s not easy to make these decisions.  For me one of the hardest elements is envisioning what the plants will become. ( Most of us don’t buy fully mature trees and shrubs;  cost and availability are factors.)

I thought and thought.  I had been intrigued by one plant at a nursery.  And it surely was not going to be large quickly. Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’.  It had such structure and very dark green leaves.  I then happened upon an entire hedge of them, left natural, not sheared, and I was even more impressed.

So–I decided.  I planted a grouping of three plants, one taller holly with two of my new pals on its side.  They only stand 4 feet tall, but they are so impressive that though they do not–yet—perform quite as a screen—they catch my eye.  And that is almost as useful.  And in my mind’s eye, I see them mature, at six feet or so.

You Can Grow That—–artistic landscaping with structural plants.  And having an eye for the future!Green Spire







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Wow–You can Grow That–learning about neat stuff!

While working in a new client’s garden today, I came across a very unusual plant.  I believe it is from a bulb.  The prior owner of this property was a plant enthusiast.  The new owners appreciate their gardens—but–well—you know–it is just not their “thing”. (For this, I am thankful!!  I get a lot of work that way!)


Grey foliage with nodding bells—almost dark maroon—-about 18 inches tall..

Here’s the point.  They might not care too much.  But I get a thrill when I run across plants like this.  Then I go home and look things up and read and research—and it is all such neat stuff.  I haven’t even figured out what this is yet!  But I’ll tell you—You Can Grow That!–neat stuff.  Try something new if only to entertain me.

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This charming sedum is a keeper!

Sedum 'Cape Blanco'This charming sedum was planted last year—and not only survived our last winter but is flourishing.  I managed to find the tag: Sedum ‘Cape Blanco’.

You can see the lovely bluish-grey tints but there’s some rosy pink highlights.  Now that it has “made the grade” I will install more along the walkway.  It is 2-4 inches high with a spacing of 24 inches. ( I’m not going tell you where to buy it until after I’ve gone & purchased mine!!)



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Craving brightness on this grey day—

betterWhile shopping this afternoon, trying to best use my time for my business—-because I couldn’t bear to spread bags of compost on this raw, cloudy day—I came across these lovelies.  Just enough bang for the buck and worth a chance.  Nice color; I like the finer petal and the white with raspberry.  Just want the doctor ordered to brighten this day!


English Daisy

By the way, these are ‘Habanera White with Red Tips’ English Daisy.

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