How I moved a shrub just now

I have been working down my list of desires and to-dos.  Today, I didn’t join the throngs of merry-makers at various events.  And I got quite a bit done.

I had planted a Rhamnus ‘Fineline’ a few years ago.  Seeing over time that it just didn’t belong there, but not quite sure where it DID belong, it happily continued to thrive and grow.  It is a deciduous shrub so I knew I was safe in moving it now-late October.  And it was time.

You can see by these pictures what I mean.

1025141638number 1

And I decided to move it here.number 3

So I dug a decent-size hole pretty much where I thought it should go, but planned on adjusting the placement once I got the shrub in place.  I had that option because it was not that big nor that heavy to lift.

Digging out the Rhamnus wasn’t so simple.  Its roots had intertwined  with perennials and it was very close to the house.  After carefully pulling out the perennials as best I could, I had some room to move and start digging.  I hadn’t bothered to get a long spade but had two shovels.  And by digging in with one and then turning the other upside down below it I had some nice leverage.  Way to go, Pamela!  I don’t have the weight nor the muscle of the guys so tricks are important.number 5    Eventually I got it all dug up and was able to carry it over to its new spot.  It will sit there tonight and I’ll finish tomorrow.number 6 

Once I have that taken care of, I can move on to the next project. number 7 See how much better it looks?

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