Heaths & heathers for color when you need it most.



It is the 5th of April and we are all craving color and warmth.  The warmth is coming ever so slowly, it seems.  I know soon it will burst forth and we will “feel” like it is spring!

Here on Cape Cod, while it is still quite cool and raw, we are even hesitant to plant pansies.  I had thought I would be posting about them.  But not today.  So as I looked around my property what I see that gives me such joy and for such a long time is a grouping of heaths and heathers.

Now filling out and getting almost crowded, I so enjoy their brightness. And– I grew that!  I made those decisions one day years ago and have continued to be glad for that.

And You Can Grow That, too.

Think heaths and heathers for sustainable joy for many years to come. Mix them up in a jumble of colors and just wait.  They’ll brighten your mood on the dreariest of days.heath&heather1heath&heather2





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2 Responses to Heaths & heathers for color when you need it most.

  1. Connie Ganss says:

    Funny you should post this – I have just been thinking about heaths and heathers! Love the pics.

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