YCGT-The joys of travel; the joy of coming home

I was able to enjoy a week away recently, joining a club trip to ski in Colorado. Being one who always appreciates gardening in all forms, I took this picture at a parking lot in Vail. What a pleasant grouping of evergreens. Don’t you agree that this planting  added much to this concrete edifice?   March in Colorado


And I noticed in several bathrooms throughout the airport small but refreshing bouquets of cut flowers.   I was impressed and nourished.

When I had left a week ago I had some concern that my amaryllis would bloom while I was away.  What a nice surprise to see they had waited for me!shewaitedformyreturn And I also noticed the leaning towards the light.  Hmmmm—like me.  Leaning towards the light.  leaningtowardsthelight

I compare it to the odd reality of skiing.  It seems unnatural when learning to ski properly that one has to LEAN FORWARD and down the hill.  It is a natural consequence when engulfed in fear to hesitate and lean backwards.

So my post this month is a celebration of finding the joy of nature and gardening wherever you are.  And reminding myself and the reader to remember to lean towards the light!


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