To harvest one first has to plant!

ClethraIn the fall of 2008 I was shopping for bargains and chose an unfamiliar clethra: Clethra alnifolia ‘Sherry Sue’.  It was pretty, with reddish-pink stems.  And supposedly fragrant.

Well, it sat there for several years, not doing much to impress me, though still a pretty shrub for that shady spot.

Whatever conditions were right for it this year—or maybe it had simply settled in—-it has bloomed like crazy this fall.  And I am delighted with it’s light fragrance as it drifts across the back yard.  A bit late for the harvest of this baby, as it took five years, but hopefully, it’ll continue over time to delight me in my Octobers to come.  And really, what a treat.  Here’s to taking chances and then waiting for the bounty!ycgt_blog_post_graphic (1)

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