YCGT—a late summer bouquet

In late August and early September, many people look at their gardens and see a sea of green.  Boring!!!!!   And why?  Because they haven’t planted those awesome annuals that are bursting with color right now.  And those perennials that are fall favorites?   Shrubs?  Hydrangeas, buddleia, hostas, rudbeckia, sedum—-I can go on and on.

Here’s a bouquet that I  quickly gathered for the church this week.latesummerbouquet1latesummerbouquet   I went with subtle tones but I could easily have punched it up with the more vibrant colors available from my gardens.

Here we have grass fronds, verbena bonariensis, persicaria, tall ageratum, buddleia, rue, joe-pye weed, hydrangea, artemisia- –a mixture of shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Plan for your seasonal bouquets.  You can grow that—-splendor in the late summer.   Enjoy this beautiful, bountiful time of year.

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