Early spring color—Winterhazel


As I was heading to my dinner with a friend and her family on Easter this past Sunday, I opted to bring some Spring color to her yard instead of a plate for the table.  I knew she wanted some heath but what was available didn’t seem quite vibrant enough. 

In my wandering around I came across this enticing specimen.  Winterhazel, Corylopsis Spicata.  A lovely, soft yellow and a tiered, draping flower. Will take full sun but prefers afternoon shade.  Surely, there must be a spot in her yard for this? ( And, of course, I felt I should have one, too.)

I really didn’t know anything about Winterhazel.  So when I investigated it I was very excited—seeing all those mature “images” on my web search. When I checked it out in Michael Dirr’s “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants”, I got some extra satisfaction reading this “ranks at the top of my list as an early-flowering shrub”.  It felt like I had hit the jackpot. 

And all this because I hadn’t had time to cook a desert!  I think my friend and I will enjoy many springs watching these beauties grow.

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