My day: like making soup, all kinds of life thrown in.

What a great day!! I feel my energy returning after days of nursing myself. The sun bathed my skin for what seemed like the first time in a week. And the combination of energy and sun totally lifted my spirits.

I drove to a client’s house to shovel up the last bit of a pile of mulch. Perfect temperature, soft wind, beautiful view—and as I worked so did my mind. That and this, this and that, some needling, complaining—–STOP!

Last night I had attended a brief talk, put on by a local writers’ group, as the speaker was scheduled to talk about creative writing and the value of meditation. Sounded interesting, so I went.

Breath in, breathe out. Mindfulness. Attention. Intention. If even for a minute, here and there, in a day.

As I continued my shoveling I remembered. Be Here Now. Not the past. Not the future. Rest in the simple joy of this moment. The chatter held back.

On the drive home I recalled reading something about a walk, a conservation area, near a school along 6a. On impulse, I slowed and found it! And what a find that place is! Open field, rolling trails, into the woods and around. I had a little fear, being out there alone, I admit. But the cool fresh air and the quiet were blessings. Feeling my body work to climb was invigorating. I already look forward to returning there, exploring it further.

Stopped at a local store, owned by a family who now has several in the area. I like supporting local business. When I went in I saw her familiar face from the other store and she welcomed me. She directed me to what I needed. This is one of the joys of this place called Cape Cod. Familiar faces. Smiling faces.

And now I am home writing about this wonderful day. And enjoying that soup I made yesterday from whatever I found in the refrigerator. Great soup. Great day. Using simple ingredients at hand.

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