YCGT August 4, …

YCGT August 4, 2012

I have a sense of responsibility as a professional gardener, like I am a protector of the innocent, the earth and its creatures, just as I am in my private affairs. And I can teach others and hopefully draw them into this same sense of responsibility.

I was working on a garden just above an inground pool, weeding and such.

And I came across a mound of dirt and thinking nothing of it, I continued my edging and weeding.

I suddenly scooped up two white items, like little golf balls, perfectly round and bright white. I BROKE one and realized I had stumbled upon turtle eggs! For I could see the gooey mass of a growing being inside that shell. I happened to have the phone number of the local Audubon office and called. I knew there was a small pond down the hill and surmised that these were snapping turtle eggs. The volunteer confirmed my guess. This picture was a download from my google search. I was so distraught that I had killed a baby that I had quickly buried the two back in the ground with their brethren. I was told that there could be as many as 70 eggs!! I find it amazing that this female turtle had scaled this hill AROUND the pool to lay her eggs in the good earth of the garden.

Now, this was a new client for me. I had never met her. And she was renting out the property for the next two weeks. I showed her the mound, which I decided to lightly surround with stones. I have done what I could. And now I pray that if these babies hatch in the next two weeks while the house is rented—that those individuals will respect mother earth’s creatures. I might even drive by just to be sure.

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